February Book Club: Skyward

Now that we’re well into February, I thought I’d share a post about our new book of the month for the Reading is Magic Book Club: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson! This is a popular young adult science fiction novel right now, which has been popping up on my social feeds from fellow readers for quite a while. The second book in the series, Starsight, just released in November 2019. That explains the new surge of interest in both of the books!

If you’re brand new to the series, you may still recognize the name Brandon Sanderson. He’s the author of several other popular fantasy and science fiction books, including the Mistborn series.

Skyward is unique for being a YA sci-fi book, following the adventures of a teenage girl named Spensa, who lives on a planet attacked by aliens. Her dream is to be a pilot. Considering the human race is going extinct in this war, though, that seems an unlikely path for her. At least until she discovers an ancient ship and realizes that with it, she may be able to learn to fly. And the ship may have a soul.

For February 2020, we’ll be reading this first book in the series. Then, if you enjoy Skyward, you can move on to Starsight to continue the story. 🙂

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To join us on this sci-fi adventure, feel free to join us on Goodreads or become part of our book club below for extra goodies along the way! Thanks for reading with us. 🙂

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