5 fantasy book club conversation starters

Books clubs give us spaces to share our ideas about books with other readers. The challenge? Getting the conversation started! That’s why I’m sharing FIVE simple conversation starters specifically for fantasy book clubs. 🙂

The best YA fantasy for newbies

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good escape. And that’s exactly what fantasy literature does best — it draws us out of our everyday worlds into lands filled with magic. And sometimes dragons. If you’re just getting started with YA fantasy, here are a few books to get you started!

The Golden Compass: Why was it banned?

This month we’re reading The Golden Compass, the first novel in Philip Pullman’s YA fantasy series His Dark Materials. But there was a time when the book sparked some controversy for promoting atheism.

Exploring symbolism in The Golden Compass

Let’s explore symbolism in Philip Pullman’s novel The Golden Compass, using the alethiometer as an example! The golden compass is a symbol-reader, making it a perfect tool for teaching about symbolism in literature.

What makes YA fantasy so special

No matter what your age, young adult literature is unique in its power to fire up your emotions. Your feelings as a teen are some of the strongest you’ll ever experience, which is why teen heroes can be so relatable in otherwise unfamiliar fantasy worlds.

5 fantastic YA fantasy books to read as a family

The next time you’re looking for a good book as a parent, don’t skip the YA aisle! Once your child is a tween or teen, they’re old enough for you to enjoy some of the same books. Share a reading experience as a family with these YA fantasy picks.

Sabriel: A dark YA fantasy with uncommon magic

Sometimes the stories that immerse us most are the ones full of dangerous magic in dark worlds. Garth Nix’s novel Sabriel is exactly that: a dark adventure that whisks a teenage girl into the world of the dead.